Dance Competitions

Firefly Dance School is proud to be entering pupils for local and regional dance competitions.

We take huge pride in being able to offer such a wonderful opportunity for our students once we feel they are ready to take the next step.

Dance competition or festivals as they are commonly know are held throughout the calendar year all over the UK. At Firefly we enter regularly throughout the year at the following festivals:

FEBRUARY: Tunbridge Wells
MARCH: Thanet
APRIL: East Grinstead
MAY: Gravesham
JULY: Canterbury
OCTOBER: Orpington



We offer all our students the chance to get selected for the dance team or to be picked for solos, duets, trios and quartets.  Once we know if you are interested in participating and you understand what the commitment is myself and my team select our dancers based on who we feel is ready for that particular competition.  We generally enter competitions 6 months prior to the event and enter girls and boys who we feel will cope with the competition scene, rehearsals, practising at home and what is right for that particular competition at that time.


Here at Firefly, dance competitions are there for children to gain experience in a theatre, dancing on beautiful stages with full stage make up, costume and props.  We like to train our children to understand that although this is a competition and yes we all like to do well, what is important to us is how the dancer advances from each competition, encouraging progression, improvement and the art of being graceful in winning and not winning.  To participate with confidence and understanding that what one person likes will differ from competition to competition which in return shows how the professional world of dance and auditions work.


It may be as simple as we were not entering any new dances for that competition or our dance teams were full.  It may be that we feel your child is not quite ready but we love your enthusiasm for them to join in and we will of course keep them in mind.  Miss Carla alone has 33 years experience of dance competition and knows what works and most importantly when your child is ready.


At Firefly Dance School we love competing and have outstanding results.  Over the past two years our pupils have gone from strength to strength and our current results can be seen on our latest news page.