Ballet is our most popular class at Firefly.  Classical ballet is graceful, sincere and beautiful showing inner strength, composure, posture, flowing and precise movements.

Starting with our baby ballet class who are taught the fundamentals of ballet thorough the use of props and imagination.  Their love of dance grows from within learning to skip, gallop, plié, pointe and stretch their toes by becoming a princess, cat or rainbow fairy the imagination is endless and we may even throw in a tutu or two!

As the dancers get older our classes focus on technique perfecting steps with the use of a ballet barre, teaching techniques to keep our children engaged gaining knowledge each lesson on their bodies and how to execute a step.

From pliés to pirouettes, pas de chats to arabesques and developpés to batterie our ballet classes are full of fun, technique and discipline.

Ballet classes start from 2.5 years old and we run classes throughout the week for all levels.  For more information please see our timetable page.

We are also delighted to be able to offer a Teeny Tiny Ballet where mummy, daddy, grandparent or Career can come along a delight in the world of ballet with their little ones! Held on a Friday morning 11-11.30am